Sunday, 17 July 2016


Earlier in July I joined EAGMA members for a few enjoyable days painting up in Staithes. The weather wasn't very kind so painting opportunities were a bit hampered but we all made the most of things and it was good to see a part of the UK coast I've never explored before. Everyone made me feel very welcome and we stayed in an excellent Georgian apartment just a stone's throw from the harbour.

I tended to work small as the weather was so changeable. I often think the rapid switches from sun to heavy cloud/rain are some of the most difficult to deal with when working outdoors. It's comparable to painting a still life and having someone keep turning the lamp on and off....infuriating!!

Anyway, here's a few that made the trip home....

Almost got blown off the harbour wall by the incoming squall whilst painting this one below and lost a couple of brushes and my turps pot into the rocky depths below. I was perched on some giant boulders to get the elevated view of the 'sparkle' and nearly got blown off. Those distant clouds were actually heading straight towards me and I was rather taken by surprise at how quickly and violently it suddenly whipped up. At least the painting survived...just!

'Bright sparkle at Cowbar Head, Staithes' - oil, 6x8in. 

Small size was the only option here really as the light/shadows moved so fast....

'Evening light looking down the Beck, Staithes' - 6x8in, oil on board. 

'Morning light towards the harbour, Staithes' - 8x10in, oil on board

'Artist painting at the Smugglers' - 11x15in, oil.

This one above is my friend Andrew King who kindly let me paint him whilst we sheltered from the deluge. We had our fair share of wet weather and I got thoroughly soaked painting this one below.

'Low tide and drizzle, Staithes' - 8x10in, oil on board. 

I had to work lightning fast for this one below as the light was fading. Managed to capture something which was a relief as I'd spent most of the day wiping off disastrous efforts in the pouring rain!

'Late light on the terrace, Staithes' - 6x14in, oil.

'Cowbar wharf, Staithes' - 8x16in, oil on board

'Down in the Beck, Staithes' - 11x14in, oil on board

'Odin, Port Mulgrave' - 12x16in, oil on board

Below is the abseil route I had to take to get down to paint the boats and clutter at Port Mulgrave!


  1. David Brilliant paintings. i love the FIGURE aspetially


    1. Thanks Victor, very kind words! The figure study was a bonus and I really enjoy doing them when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully get some chances to do a few more in future. Best wishes, David.

  2. Lovely work David. You are becoming the one to ask for when the weather is bad. I think it is all that daily drawing that makes you so good at capturing the essence of the figure so quickly. Perhaps we should go on a trip when it is bound to rain every day and you can paint all of us! I love that pic you did of me in Venice

    1. Ha, thanks Tim :) Yes, I seem to have timed recent trips with some particularly bad weather but you know what it's like, having gone all that way you're keen to paint something...even if it's an indoor subject or a still life. The senses get fired up when on a trip and it's a shame not to make the most of that. Funny thing is they can often end up more interesting than the landscapes that were otherwise intended! Let's hope we get sunshine Venice anyway...I think we're due some!