Saturday, 14 March 2015

Charity sale - the clock is ticking!

 I've put two new paintings onto eBay in the hope of raising some funds for charity. As with the previous attempt, all proceeds will he heading directly to  Macmillan Cancer Support ( and the Artists General Benevolent Institution (

These are the last ones I'll be posting up for auction at this time so if you fancy bagging yourself an original oil painting and helping others in the process then go for it. I've taken a bit of a risk because the start prices are way too low but that's all eBay would let me submit! Don't be shy with your's all for good causes.

'Between showers, Whaddon' - 6x8in, oil on board.

'Sennen, towards the Brisons', 8x16in, oil on board

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Charity painting sale

I'm aiming to raise some money for charity. The charities I've nominated are Macmillan Cancer Support ( and the Artists General Benevolent Institution (

I'm new to ebay but decided to auction a painting and donate the proceeds. It looks like ebay will only let me sell one at a time (I had lined three up for auction), unless I put a low starting price on them which is a bit of a risk I suppose. Anyway, the first one made it OK and is listed at

St Marks, Venice - 8x10in, oil on board

Please do make a bid if your tempted. Go on...treat yourself! You could bag yourself an original plein air painting (with a lovely hand finished frame) AND be doing some good for charity :)