Monday, 15 October 2012

Allotments and beyond

I've had a few studio sessions recently and have been attempting to work up a couple of the allotment studies to a slightly bigger scale (nothing too big mind!). Here is another location study, 10x8 in, done about 3 weeks ago down at Wing allotments (not a great photo but gives an idea).

Sunshine and smoke, Wing allotments - 10x8in, oil on board
I love all the random jumble of allotments and trying to make some visual sense of it all. There are so many 'props' to work with, coloured netting, plastic sheets, sheds, canes, tubs...and that's before you even get to the plants! There was a chap with a red jumper just pottering around which brought a nice note of colour. In the distance someone had a bonfire which often happens on allotments. The problem is I usually choose a pitch that's downwind from the smoke and this time was no exception. Still, worth putting up with if you don't end up coming home with a 'wiper'. I wasn't sure whether to put the smoke in as it was already quite a busy subject but I couldn't resist and I think it adds to the story of the scene. 

I'm currently showing 11 plein air paintings with the Plein Air Brotherhood as part of our annual exhibition being held A&K Wilson gallery in Harpenden. The exhibition runs until the end of October and a few of the artists headed down to the Harpenden for a spot of plein air action last Saturday (6th). This week it's the opening of the RSMA annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London in which I've got two paintings on show. Looking forward to seeing the show and meeting artists/friends at the private view.

After that attention will turn to ROI submissions as the hand in date fast approaches! Then there's the Venice trip to look forward to....very excited about that :)

A few of my paintings currently on show in Harpenden....

Old Harry and his wife, Dorset - 8x16in, oil on board

Storm Brewing - 5x7in, oil on board (sold)

Towards Pendeen lighthouse from Levant - 10x13in, oil on board

Enys, Pendeen - 10x12in, oil on board

Warm haze, Emberton - 5x10in, oil on board

Gates of Trinity, Oxford - 10x13in, oil on board (sold)
Some action shots from the Harpenden....
Some of the crew - Adebanj Alade, muggins, Karl Terry and Roy Connelly

Karl Terry with one of his gems

Roy Connelly takes a fancy to the local chip shop
Finally, I would just like to say a few words in tribute to my Uncle Nigel who very sadly passed away recently. It was a huge and terrible shock to the family. He was a kind and loving uncle to me and took an active interest in my painting. I was so chuffed that he not only enjoyed but keenly followed my work and that he got a real pleasure from having my paintings on his wall, particularly my painting of Trebarwith Strand. We both shared a love of Cornwall! It means a lot to know that your work touches people, especially more so when it's a member of the family. 


  1. My deepest sympathies for your loss

  2. Thanks Maywyn, that is very much appreciated.

  3. Great to meet you at the RSMA last week David. Love the Allotments painting - an absolute cracker and very Linesish! Sorry to hear about your uncle - I'm sure he was very proud of you, same as my own Uncle Arthur was of me - he died last month at 96 - so my commiserations. Look forward to painting with you soon. All the best, Peter

  4. Thanks Peter. Yes, great to meet you at the private view. Sorry to hear about your Uncle Arthur though.

    Glad you like the allotment painting. I really enjoyed that one and I've always admired John Lines' allotments too. The energy in his brush marks is always great to see. Look forward to a painting session some time soon!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Helen :) Sorry for not replying sooner...just back from a few days painting in Venice (foggy at times but fun though!). I popped over to your blog...beautiful work....colours so clean and fresh!