Monday, 14 November 2011

ROI annual exhibtion 2011

I was delighted to discover I've had the maximum of four paintings accepted into this years Royal Institute of Oil Painter's annual exhibition. The standards are high and the selection panel was made up of ROI members whom I greatly admire so that made it even more satisfying! This will be my 6th consecutive year in the ROI show and it opens on December 6th at the presitgious Mall Galleries in central London. I was also pleased to hear that the 3 other members of the Plein Air Brotherhood who submitted work also got accepted. Well done to Roy Connelly, John Dobbs and Adebanji Alade. Congratulations to my friend Tim King who also got work accepted.

The current ING Discerning Eye show at the Mall Galleries is well worth a visit. I really enjoyed the range of work with a mix of contemporary and more traditional approaches and subject matter. Round the corner at the National Gallery the queues for the Da Vinci show were unbelievable....snaking and doubling up around the building's perimeter! I'll have to try and work out when might be the quietest time to go and see that one. The Degas show at the Royal Academy is also on my 'must see' list.

The virus that gave me vertigo and hearing problems has come back again and I've been out of easel action for a while as a result. I hope to have some pictures to post once things settle down and I can get a bit of painting done, not least to try and get back into the groove before heading out to Venice for several days painting with friends in a few weeks time. Very excited about that :o)


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming show. Will there be a website where the paintings will be visible? I'd love to see the show online.
    It also sounds like you have some excellent art shows in your area. We have a great one here called Caravagio and His Followers in Rome.
    I'm sorry to hear that your Virus came back. I've got pneumonia myself now. I've had it a week so far and haven't felt like doing anything at all. I'm so ready to be over this and be able to start creating art again.

  2. Big Congratulations Dave! Proud of you as ever! Hope to see you at the PV and I hope your Venice adventure goes well with the other superstars!

  3. Thanks Douglas. I'm not sure if the whole show will go up online but if my images aren't up anywhere I'll put them on the blog so you can see which ones I got in. Yes indeed, we seem to have quite a selection of high profile exhibitions over here at the moment. It's certainly handy to be able to nip into London on the train and take a look. The Caravaggio show sounds great...I can't believe he did those paintings at such a young age!

    Sorry to hear about your pneumonia. That doesn't sound good at all. Listen to your body and take things steady! There'll be plenty of painting time when you're back in better health :o)

  4. Thanks Adebanji....and congratulations to you too on getting into the show! Hope you're well and look forward to seeing you at the private view.

  5. Congrats on getting your work into the show. If I get to the PV I'll look out for you - Adebanji knows what I look like!

  6. Thanks Katherine. I hope you can make the private view. I'll definitely be there. Perhaps I should think about a name badge or something distinctive like a bow tie :o)