Thursday, 1 September 2011

US magazine article published

I've just received a digital version (Fall edition) of the US magazine 'Plein Air' and was very pleased to see that they had published an article I'd written on our plein air painting adventures in Cornwall earlier this year!
Anthony Bridge is a fellow member of Plein Air Brotherhood and is on the advisory panel for the magazine so thanks to Ant we were able to get some material over to the editor. Cheers Ant :o)

I'd certainly recommend a copy if anyone can get hold of one. There's some great shots of the crew! The magazine is always a great read for plein air enthusiasts!


  1. Congratulations. I haven't seen the fall issue yet but rest assured that I will. It really is a great publication, and rather expensive by magazine standards. I hope it gets you increased recognition and generates more sales.

  2. Thanks for writing the article David - can't believe they've put my painting in there! Us here we come;)

  3. Thanks Douglas. Yes indeed, we were lucky to get something in there. I'm not certain whether it's in the print version or just the digital. I'll let you know when I receive the a print copy (might take a while though as it's being posted from the US to the UK!).

  4. Valerie...your painting fully deserves a US showcase....going international now :o)