Monday, 23 May 2011

Plein air adventures from Cornwall

Just returned from a 2 week painting trip to Sennen in Cornwall with a crew of plein air painting friends. What a trip! I'll post up shots of the paintings once I've had a chance to photograph them but have added a few action shots to give a flavour of the experience.

Such a treat to paint alongside fellow plein air enthusiasts and to see such amazing painting being produced 'in the moment'. It took a bit of planning but was well worth the effort and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Hopefully the first of many more group expeditions!

No time like the present - getting stuck in on the beach after driving down on day 1

The half day of drizzle offered up some interesting misty views of the bay!


Squinting for those tones!

 Above - Tim King painting a little beauty on the cliff at Porthcurno

Above - finding some respite from the breezy clifftops at Mousehole harbour

Above - Tim in Ray Mears mode at Botallack :o)

Above - Valerie Pirlot paints a cracking spot near Botallack with a nice hole in the rock on the left!

Above - Valerie and Tim compare notes after catching some great scenes of the wilderness between Zennor Head and St Ives

Check out the sunset with lifeboat launch!

Above - David Bachman and Mike Richardson contentedly hard at work near Marazion. I never look that relaxed when I'm painting!

Tim indulges in a sneaky snack break whilst the others aren't looking!

Above - Anthony Bridge painting with intent!

Above - Somewhere in the distance it's Mike with his easel....'don't look down Mike!!'

David and Roy Connelly painting 'the gap' at Mousehole harbour

Ant and David with all the gear after a good plein air session on the beach and cliffs around Sennen

Mike at work on another cracker...this time from the cliffs at Kynance Cove.

'Where's my bloody prunes?' was a constant cry during week 1. Thankfully Mike found them at the back of the cupboard and we all breathed a sigh of relief :o)

Roy's a happy chappy with this scene in front of him.....moments like this make plein air painting feel so darn good...just the small matter of getting something down before it all disappears!!


  1. Looks like you have a great group to paint with, and really cool scenery. I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings. Doug

  2. Thanks Doug. It's such a great place down there and it was nice to share it all with the others. A lovely bunch to paint with :o) I'll post up the paintings soon.

  3. Beautiful pics and comments but most importantly I'm so relieved to hear that Mike found his pack of prunes:-) I knew how unsettling it was for him and he can now finally make peace with us since we are not thieves anymore;)

  4. Thanks Valerie. I couldn't resist getting a prunes shot in :o)

  5. Wickid! The pictures and paintings are brilliant!
    Capped up with the great prunes story! This is great Dave. You guys have just ended up making me feel so bad! But what can I do? I can only enjoy these pics and believe one day I'll have the rare opportunity of painting with you guys!

  6. Cheers Adebanji! Don't feel bad.....feel inspired :o) We're certainly planning on more trips, including long weekends etc. so there'll be ample opportunity for you to join us. It'd be great to have you come along when you're able. I'll keep you in the loop on any plans. Hope things are good with you and all your efforts for upcoming shows are going well. Keep in touch.

  7. Great photos, David. It seems so long ago now. Can't wait for the next trip!