Sunday, 8 May 2011


It's that time of year when the Blubells are out in full glory. I popped over to Ashridge near Ivinghoe Beacon to do a couple of colour studies. Looking at them now I think they might need a little tlc to get them fully resolved but I think the basics are there OK. I thought it might be worth showing a couple of pieces that weren't finished as such. I had some of Klimt's tree studies in the back of my mind when considering the compositional possibilities.

My main aim though was to avoid the 'chocolate box' view and give a sense of being there at that moment. It was the colours, lines and patterns of light that sparked my interest more than anything. The place was teaming with tourists and I had to work partly from observation and partly from memory as the light kept changing all the time. One minute a tree was lit up and the next it would be in full shadow!


  1. These are just sensational! I had a view of bluebells this weekend when I traveled to Chippernam for the weekend and I feel you have captured them brilliantly!

  2. Thanks Adebanji! Very kind of you to say so. Glad to hear you caught sight of some bluebells too. They are quite something in numbers. The colours are tricky but fun to work with. Hope all is well with you.