Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fruit and flowers.....

I fancied a bit of a change of subject and thought I'd have a crack at a couple of little still life studies whilst the evenings are still rather dark. I can't wait to get out to catch a sunset or two after work!

I like to keep it simple and try to focus on the basics as I didn't really have the time to set up elaborate arrangments. Just something that sparks an interest and catches my attention. First up was a couple of conference pears done under a daylight lamp

I simply wanted to enjoy exploring the subject, looking at values, hues, edges, shapes etc. I was also trying to think about the nature of the marks on the surface and the impact they had on the painting. A good little exercise, whatever the outcome I guess. Check out some of the detail....

I then had a go at some snowdrops. A good job too as they'd wilted by the next morning! That was a little reminder to me that if something captures an interest then it's best to go for it there and then. I was a bit jaded after a day in the office but thought it would be worth a shot. Again, the emphasis was on studying the essentials and not fussing with detail. The light was different and the table really WAS that colour! I'm not sure if I'm totally sold on it but I did like the depth of contrast with the bright flowers


  1. I didn't recognize these as belonging to you, I'm used to your landscapes/cityscapes, but these are painted great too. well done.

  2. Love this, I wish I could get into doing some still life painting- this is really inspiring!

  3. Thanks Douglas and Adebanji. I like to do little studies every now and again to sharpen the senses and refine techniques. I have to say it's quite a novelty to paint something directly that doesn't move or change! I'm hoping to build up a small collection of interesting objects that would be good to use in a still life on those dark/rainy days and nights. I'm going to have a look round some charity shops and car boot sales to see what I might find. Nothing elaborate though....I prefer to keep the setup simple.

    Go for it!