Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow (without sunshine!)

We got off lightly with the snow here in Stony Stratford but I was determined to try to capture something before it all got washed away by the rain. I took a half day off work and nipped out to a local rural spot down the road from where I live (Passenham). It was freezing cold (-2 degrees) and I had to keep an eye on the hands and feet. Thermals were essential. It was overcast but that offers many advantages with the subtle colours and tones. I was keen not to exaggerate the colours and went for harmony as the key objective. I enjoyed the puff of smoke coming from the cottage chimney. This is the result after about 90 mins in the icy conditions!

The following day (Saturday) the forecast was for rain coming in so I thought I'd try to catch the last of the snow before it melted away. Just up the road towards Calverton I found a spot where the snow was clinging on and just as I squeezed the paint out it started raining! Luckily, I had the easel umbrella in the car so I hooked it up and painted like a madman before the light disappeared. Some interesting geometry in the this one and once again it was interesting to focus on the subtle colours and tones. There was an added bonus as the streetlights came on with a slow glow and a few cars with headlight reflections in the wet road. To complete the scene, a walker strolled by towards the end with a nice note of colour in his scarf :o) I only had about 75mins on this one before I was beaten by the light

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